Blind Narcisus plays at CASA DO ALTO in "Pedrouços City". For more information please check out www.o5elemento.com\arte_em_rotacao

The band has opened blind_narcisus@hotmail.com as their contact address. Please don't hesistate to send us your comments, questions or any other inquiry you may have for Blind Narcisus or one of its members. We will try to do our best to answer you in a timely manner. Also write us in case you would like to book us for a concert or interview. You won't regret it because we usually do not let people down. "Create your dream in a painting".

Blind Narcisus' faithfull befriended Webmaster has put the website online as for anyone who feels like it to check out BN online wherever and whenever, whatever the reason. It is the bands intention to regularly update the website with more info about and around the bands comings and goings, coming dates for gigs, a photogalery, maybe one of those timeconsuming and torturing chatrooms and if the freaking technology allows us even a section where you can download our music in MP3 format. Bookmark this page and/or check regularly so you won't miss out on anything as some stuff might appear online only temporarily. "Be down with the mighty force fellow earthlings".

Fly, George and Jack return to Chapim Azul to re-record some of the tracks of the infamous "Douro River Sessions". This time the old but obedient PHILIPS Reporter has been traded for a more modern day portable SONY Minidisc plus stereo microphone as to enhance the overall quality. "We are never lost because we are always somewhere and can always go somewhere else, especially in our minds".

Blind Narcisus finalizes its first unofficial recording titled STUDIO JAMS, a collection of 8 songs devided over 14 tracks, including unplugged versions, recorded at Poltergeist Studios, Music School Chapim Azul and Casa Fly, all located in Porto. A portable PHILIPS Reporter is used as an analogue recording instrument. Family, friends and fans already like to refer to the recordings as the "Douro River Sessions". Pressed in limited edition and only available on personal request. "Life is a surprise gift given on your birthday birthday party".